Mall of Engomi

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    Seeking to deliver a user experience characterised by seamless navigation and bold call to actions, we designed a fresh new website that intuitively understands and actively engages visitors. A contemporary design and vibrant colour palette accurately reflect the brand’s playful spirit and personality.

    The Mall of Engomi
    The newly renovated Mall of Engomi hosts more than 25 shopping alternatives, introducing a new era in food, entertainment, and shopping for the entire family. Well-known brands, new restaurants, and coffee shops for all family members welcome visitors in upgraded and contemporary spaces. The Mall of Engomi offers the ultimate destination for more shopping, more food, and more style.

    Understanding the Challenge
    Recognizing the Problem and Envisioning the Solution

    Our client wanted us to build a website that truly encompassed the visual aesthetic and energy of the Mall of Engomi’s recent renovation. The user experience needed to be intuitive, with easy menu and page navigation across multiple devices; quick access to the Mall’s opening hours, store directory, and latest news and events; and strong call-to-action buttons.

    From Challenge to Solution
    Translating Design Concepts into Effective Solutions


    Our focus was to create a website that was more playful, more vivid and which evoke feelings of energy and happiness. The colours selected were a play on the Mall of Engomi’s logo, reinforcing brand identify. The overall high-spirited tone of the website was also embodied in the choice of photographs that were utilised, compelling online visitors to explore the site. The website has also been structured for easy access to information and easy navigation.

    We drew inspiration from the Mall of Engomi’s colourful logo, integrating the same vibrant colour scheme into the design of their website. We incorporated lively images that complimented the colour palette and added to the playful energy the site conveys. We designed a dynamic user experience enhanced by quick access to the Malls’ latest news, events, store directory, and other useful information; and useful search functionalities regarding, for e.g., opening hours, store locations (map), special offers and event dates.

    Mall of Engomi Website Redesign

    Mall of Engomi Website Redesign

    Mall of Engomi Website Redesign

    Mall of Engomi Website Redesign

    Hyundai Cyprus Website Redesign with visual aesthetics and CTAs

    Mall of Engomi Website with opening hours

    Mall of Engomi Website with store directory