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    Working with a market leader in the Home Appliances Retail Sector we expanded the range of functionality and opened up the boundaries of our creativity in design. We delivered a fully automated e-commerce store offering the widest range of products. Full ERP integration was critical for the automatic synchronisation of product inventory, service, and pricing.

    Scandia is the market leader in the home appliances retail sector in Cyprus, with six key locations around the island. Scandia outlets offer a variety of brands and models and one of the biggest selections of built-in appliances in the market. Scandia operates its own after-sales service and spare parts departments with the largest network of skilled installers and technicians island-wide.

    Understanding the Challenge
    Recognizing the Problem and Envisioning the Solution

    Scandia wanted us to design an e-commerce store that would inspire its customers to engage with their brand, driving sales, and building loyalty. Navigation on the site needed to be easy and intuitive across multiple screens and devices and access to Scandia’s large collection of products had to be quick and seamless. Integration with the company’s ERP system was a priority so that product inventory and pricing could be synchronised automatically on both platforms, and presented accurately to customers and staff in real-time. Customers also needed to be provided with the ability to access their account information on the site 24/7, including invoices and order history, to optimise order processes and to improve efficiencies through customer self-service.

    From Challenge to Solution
    Translating Design Concepts into Effective Solutions


    Cognisant of the latest industry trends and the challenges in providing a distinctive online shopping experience, the focus was to create a multifunctional, customer centric web portal that beautifully showcased Scandia’s range of globally renowned electric and electronic domestic appliances and other technology brands, while keeping to the company’s familiar look and feel.

    We designed Scandia’s e-commerce store to visually represent the brand’s familiar aesthetic, with clear visuals and photographs, compelling CTA (call-to-action) buttons, and an overall look and feel that drives customers to want to click and explore.

    We built a mega-menu and navigation architecture that makes shopping Scandia’s large product inventory effortless, without customers feeling overwhelmed by the volume of items. This includes a smart filtering system which has simplified the search for any item across the site, be this by-product, brand, or price.

    Full ERP integration ensures product data is always up-to-date on the website, without the need for manual entries; and a customer dashboard feature allows for easy tracking and management of orders and account information at any time.

    Scandia Website Redesign

    Scandia Website Redesign

    Scandia Website Redesign

    Scandia e-commerce store design

    Scandia e-commerce store mega menu design

    Scandia e-commerce store CTA buttons

    Scandia e-commerce store catalogue and filters