Ancoria Bank

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    Ancoria Bank seeks to redefine banking and its new website is perfectly reflective of this statement. Its overall design aesthetic, particularly the use of illustrations and warm colour palette, offers a more personalised user experience that is markedly more engaging than traditional banking websites.

    Ancoria Bank
    Ancoria Bank Ltd is a newly established Cyprus bank, licensed, registered, and supervised by the Central Bank of Cyprus. The bank offers a range of personal and business banking products and services you can access online or from its Banking Centres in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca.

    Understanding the Challenge
    Recognizing the Problem and Envisioning the Solution

    Ancoria Bank wanted to modernise their website by moving away from the cluttered corporate style that has come to characterise websites belonging to financial institutions across the globe. Visually, they wanted to use custom animation to make for a more emotive user experience, while still maintaining a professional image. The website had to become more responsive and deliver a seamless customer journey across all screens and devices. Security was also a particular concern, so compliance with rigid banking regulations and legislation concerning website security, privacy and transparency had to be ensured.

    From Challenge to Solution
    Translating Design Concepts into Effective Solutions


    The focus was on creating custom illustrations, using human characters and buildings for a more personable appeal. The menu had to be decluttered considerably to make for a minimalistic look that didn’t overwhelm and easy navigation that significantly simplified the process of finding information. Call to action (CTA) icons were also customised, with links to the most popular banking services made very visible to compel visitors to engage with the website, and to click where relevant. The choice of colour palette and font style was also very intentional to create a sense of warmth that compels customers to stay on the site for longer.

    Ancoria Bank’s website was completely transformed to differentiate the brand from other banking institutions worldwide. A complete move away from the conventional corporate look and feel, resulted in a website with a really distinctive identity. This was achieved by using innovative design techniques to eliminate the clutter created by a daunting volume of content and streamlining navigation by minimising the menu considerably. The creation of custom animations, a blend of hues that emanate warmth, and the use of a font style that improved readability complimented the design approach, and visually showcased the bank’s contemporary rebrand. Ancoria Bank’s website is now notably easier and faster to use, with a high-quality, intuitive online user experience not typically seen on popular banking sites anywhere.

    Ancoria Bank Website Redesign

    Website Redesign for Ancoria Bank

    Website Redesign for Ancoria Bank

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    Ancoria Bank's Website Redesign with visual aesthetics and CTAs