Website design trends for 2020

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To make an impact online means incorporating the latest design trends to make your website stand out. You want to make an impression and this requires keeping things fresh and modern, no matter your industry.

So what are the current website design trends that seem to be dominating in 2020?


Embracing minimalism

This website design trend is a classic but with various forms over the years. Its core principles of simplicity and elegance have however stayed. In terms of web design, minimalism is commonly incorporated into graphical elements, colour palates, reduced text and simple navigation. The aim is to minimize clutter so users can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Visual aesthetic is also given priority to convey a message that attracts and engages.


Black & White or Luminous Colour

As Medium says, black and white website colour schemes (with some grey scale) have become popular. Exceptional black and white photographs add contemporary flair, enhancing the look and feel of websites using this design approach. Then there’s others making use of luminous colours combined with darker shades to create bold websites that pop. The use of neon blues, pinks and purple and other fluorescent hues create a futuristic vibe which stands out.


Going big

According to Wix, “websites are favoring large, prominent elements, from big, bold typography, to full screen images and videos, and even oversized website menu icons”. The aim is to grab attention and help visitors immediately understand what the site is about. But to actually look good, a careful balance of design components must be maintained. This is to avoid website clutter and mess which can feel overwhelming for the user.
Wix adds, “as part of this trend, more and more websites opt for a full screen image or video on their first fold, paired with large typography”. This is to ensure the site’s core message comes across to site visitors immediately.


Dark Mode

This Forbes article tells us that consumers are increasingly choosing to use “dark mode” if given the option. This is because it is simple and clean, and much easier on the eyes. Boldly coloured call-to-action buttons are often added to sites with dark backgrounds making for a visually striking experience.


Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons

Converting website visitors into customers is a key goal for most businesses. This means strategically placing CTA’s across the site for visitors to see. Forbes also says, “more companies are choosing to put a headline, subheader and CTA button above the fold of their website. With appealing iconography and the right header photo or banner to accompany the CTA, this design trick is sure to increase conversions.”



2020 website design trends are also seeing fonts becoming bigger and bolder to grab a reader’s attention. Website designers are playing with different elements to create typography that makes for a great UX. But they’re also making sure to optimize text size for use on all devices because as Medium says, “one letter taking up the entire smartphone screen is a bad, bad user experience”.


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Website Design Trends for 2020