Why Qobrix succeeds when other CRMs fail


Often you will hear people excitedly talking about their CRM system OR they will use vague profanities and adjectives to deplore their system. The acronym CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it is predominantly used to track all interaction of a company with its customers, and normally includes modules such as Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Activities, and Accounts.

However, a large number of CRM implementations fail. This is normally due to two main reasons:

1. A company buys an off-the-shelf CRM system and tries to fit in its own custom processes within the CRM (thus you end up working for the system rather than the system working for you)
2. You implement the CRM system for your sales-force and as we all know, sales people hate doing administration work. Sales people are also very protective about their leads and do no want others in the organisation having access to their leads. So you can safely conclude that your sales-force will strongly object towards any system that involves tedious, extra work for them and that also documents all their activities within a day.

The Qobrix platform which we have developed is conducive to building business applications rapidly. Our prime objective is to be able to build systems that cater to your exact needs. We have a flexible framework in place that has the core foundations for the CRM system, and we then build the system as required by your processes. In its final form, Qobrix has the ability to provide you with much more than a CRM system. With document management and workflow capability, Qobrix can become the go-to-system of your enterprise.

We also provide modules that allow administrators, back-office staff and other non-sales roles to have specific access to only various parts of the system. They can then input and upload a lot of the administrative items, allowing your sales people to focus on what they do best. The Qobrix API allows it to be integrated with any system including your mail server, telephony system, ERP, or trading platform thus providing a complete snapshot of any interaction or transaction that may have occurred with a client.

Qobrix – a truly intuitive CRM that can handle the complexity of any organisation.