Innovative website redesign for European University Cyprus

The Client

With a history of more than 60 years, European University Cyprus has grown into a leading academic and research institution committed to the individual student and to growing intellectual curiosity, academic ability and career potential.

The Objective

The primary objective was to create an innovative website with an improved aesthetic and user experience that actively engaged prospective students; highlighted the University’s unique educational programmes; captured the spirit of the institution, its faculty and student body; and effectively communicated its overall brand message. It was also important that site navigation was made easier and that mobile responsiveness was optimised significantly.

Our Solution

Our design team took a simple yet contemporary approach for the homepage, using subtle animation to showcase the main selling points of the University and a colour scheme that properly represented its branding.

To make the website’s navigation as effortless and intuitive as possible, a megamenu feature was implemented and the 3 main CTA’s (call to action) features were made prominent throughout the site, prompting prospective students to click. For the pages containing information on the University’s programmes, we focused on creating a layout that would make finding that information easy using site architecture that promoted intuitive navigation.

Clean lines with corporate colours and high-resolution compelling visuals, videos and photographs elevated the overall aesthetic of the site and illustrated the University’s distinct character.