As Qobo continues to grow and hire talented new employees, we’d like to introduce our newest hire, Elena Makris, who joins as our Marketing and Support Manager. 

Can you provide a little background on yourself?

Although I was born and raised in Cyprus, I consider myself a New Yorker (!) as I spent 10 of the most formative years of my life in New York City. After graduating from High School in Cyprus, I moved to NY and attended Baruch College of City University of New York. I then began working as a Marketing & Documentation Manager at a software house specialising in general insurance software. I spent two years working from the New York office and the next 8 I continued my tenure from the company’s local office in Cyprus. During this time I split my time between Cyprus and New York servicing US clients and projects.

Through the nineties, I was exposed to project management and business development activities in the Cyprus IT sector, first as an IT consultant at PwC managing technology projects, and then with a small high growth company responsible for the overall marketing strategy, product development and promotion of latest technology solutions.

Following the big growth of the early 2000s I held marketing roles in NCR Corporation and Printec Group, covering value-add solutions for the ATM channel, with regional responsibility in MEA & CEE.

I then pursued a new challenge as Manager of the Cyprus office of Raycap Corporation, which produces electrical surge protection and passive networking materials. I spent almost 5 years at Raycap away from the Information Technology world.

Returning to IT and joining Qobo was a no brainer! So, here I am!

What was it about Qobo that attracted you the most?

There are a few things that I love professionally; inspiration, a challenge, constant learning and being surrounded by great people. When I looked at the opportunity that Qobo offered I saw all of these, plus a chance to help build something new and I would get to work with great people!

Was there a role or a project in your career that you consider your best?

One of the major projects that I was very proud of was the creation of the strategy, branding, web presence and all marketing materials of a new brand, offering innovative and sustainable solutions for dams. When the project started I had very little experience in the Water Management Industry and I worked hard and learned a great deal over the 18-month period of the project.

Where do you envision spending your next vacation?

I would like to be able to spend a few weeks in New York City! Technology is fun, but I also love the buzz of New York! Spending some time being at the centre of the world where everything is happening would be a great way to be empowered!

Do you have a hobby that you enjoy outside work?

My one and only daughter is 9 years old and is always in demand for my undivided attention! Spending time away with her, taking her to New York perhaps, is a life-long dream which I intend to realise at some point before she goes to college! In fact, doing anything together is always a treat, especially as she is in the formative years at the moment, when mommy can do no wrong! I love cooking and baking, watching movies and reading the NY Times!

When I get some quiet time I love to read, and even though I rarely do, I enjoy reading biographies of people who made a difference in the world, like Steve Jobs!

Oh, plus, I really enjoy going out on Saturday night dinners!