Qobo Open Source


Here at Qobo we are big believers in the Open Source Software. It is no secret that pretty much every technology company these days relies on hundreds or even thousands of Open Source projects.  These vary from large and complex projects, like Linux operating system, Chromium and Firefox web browsers, jQuery and Bootstrap frameworks, to tiny little libraries and tools, covering a variety of tasks from image manipulation to data backups.

We too rely on a multitude of Open Source tools.  We run Linux on our servers and desktops.  We use Open Source browsers.  We develop using Open Source technologies like PHP, MySQL, and CakePHP.  Like millions of other companies, we simply wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Open Source movement – something that has been said by the likes of Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

But like many others, we don’t just use Open Source software to our means.  We also develop it.  In the upcoming weeks, we’ll go into more details of what we’ve been busy with, but for now – have a look at our GitHub profile.  Check those projects out, read the source, send us feedback, bug reports, and, of course, Pull Requests.