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    Our key goal was to transform Hyundai Cyprus’ website to stand out against other automotive sites in the European market. We wanted to revolutionise the user experience, optimise site navigation and showcase the brand’s high-end product offering.

    With over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, CTC Automotive Ltd – the official representative of the Hyundai and Volvo brands in Cyprus, has established itself as a leading automotive specialist, delivering import, marketing, consulting, and after-sales services to a range of clients nationwide.

    Understanding the Challenge
    Recognizing the Problem and Envisioning the Solution

    The focus was to transform the company’s website which had become outdated to stand out against similar automotive websites in the European market. It was critical to revolutionize the user experience and optimize customer expectations across the site. Navigation and quick access to specific models of vehicles on the website needed to be made possible on multiple screens and devices. The information architecture had to be improved to showcase their high-end brand and be persuasive enough to get visitors on the site to want to purchase a vehicle.

    From Challenge to Solution
    Translating Design Concepts into Effective Solutions


    Clean lines with high-resolution compelling visuals and photographs elevated the overall look and feel of the site and illustrated the brand’s consumer appeal.

    We used a minimalist approach on the homepage, removing any distracting elements so that the main visual focus remained on navigational elements and images of the cars. We made use of a visual aesthetic that draws visitors to important sections of the website and created a user experience that is as seamless as possible. The text was kept to a minimum and targeted CTA’s (call to action) features were made prominent throughout the site, compelling prospective customers to click and explore.

    Hyundai Cyprus Website Redesign

    Hyundai Cyprus Website Redesign

    Hyundai Cyprus Website Redesign

    Website Redesign for Hyundai Cyprus

    Hyundai Cyprus Website Redesign

    Hyundai Cyprus Website Redesign with visual aesthetics and CTAs

    Hyundai Cyprus Website with interactive sliders

    Hyundai Cyprus Website with choose your car's colour