Having a website that just looks pretty isn’t enough to ensure that it will get you the return on investment (ROI) you want. Achieving ROI is based on several factors that we will look at below:


Establish your goals

Figure out what you want your website for. Will it be a place where prospective customers can find information? Is it to boost sales? Is it merely to enhance brand awareness online? Once you understand your objectives, you can then start developing the site accordingly, saving you unnecessary expense or wasted time. At Qoboweb, we engage with every client to understand their exact requirements, content, look and feel, and aspirations for the website. Research is then conducted to identify the best elements that could be incorporated into the website in order to differentiate it from the competition.


Identify your target audience

Whether you’re building a website from scratch or undergoing a redesign, be sure to develop the site with your target audience in mind. This means knowing and understanding who that audience is. Conduct proper research. Work out demographics. Establish what they want or don’t want and ensure your website caters to that.


Ease of use and navigation

You need a website that works properly – one that’s usable, easy to navigate, with call to action buttons distributed strategically across the site. It also needs to contain the information that your target audience seeks, and quickly answer the questions they’re asking. This increases the likelihood of visitors returning to your site and having them recommend it – along with your business – to others. As a result, ROI improves.


Ensuring the site works across devices

The way people access the internet has changed significantly, with web content being viewed from a range of devices including PC, mobile phone, tablet, or even a Smart TV to view web content. So, you need a website that works optimally on all those platforms. Web developers like Qoboweb will conduct proper testing and validation to ensure every single page works properly, regardless of device, so that the website functions intuitively and delivers a seamless user experience.


Videos and imagery

The best websites today make use of high-quality videos and imagery to convey their message to the viewer. This means avoiding generic content which most audiences don’t want to read. Instead, integrate images, bold titles, and snappy short sentences to serve as a preface for something visitors to your site may be interested in specifically reading. Qoboweb for instance spends a considerable amount of time sourcing the best videos and images for you from your existing videos and images as well as other video and image databases.


Qoboweb’s team of creative developers can work with you to build a best in class, fully-functioning, high-performing, dynamic website that will transform your brand’s online presence. Contact us to learn more.